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Spice Route Destination

A World of Options.

Located on the Southern slopes of the Paarl Mountain, Spice Route and Fairview have so many great activities and venues it will take more than just 1 trip to enjoy this amazing area.

The trail network has been specifically designed to cater for fun and enjoyment  with over 50km of trails that span across vineyards, Cattle areas, Olive orchards, citrus plantations, and parts of the Paarl Mountain Nature reserve this network of trails has a bit of everythng and best suited to Mountain Bikers, Runners, Hikers and exploring.

NB: You need to register and pay for your day permit to use the trails at Spice Route. Follow the signs to the trail centre or Brenda’s Preserves.

Usage Hours:

Weekdays: 7:00-18:00.

Weekends: 6:00-18:00.

If the trail centre is closed please use Snapscan or the honesty box or purchase your day pass online and retain your proof.


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Routes @ Spice Route Destination

Find details on each of the routes starting from the Trail Heads at Spice Route.

Mountain Biking / Running Routes

Yellow Route

Red Route

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Pink Route

Blue Route

Spice Route Full

Green Route

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Hiking / Running Routes

Spice Route Hike / Run (9 km)

Spice Route Adventure