King/Queen of Paarl Mountain

King & Queen of Paarl Mountain 2021 Challenge

Four Legs. 1 King. 1 Queen.

Trail Running & Cycling

Can you tame Paarl Mountain?

The Challenge?

Fastest weighted time over the four legs of the competition will be awarded the King or Queen of Paarl Mountain.

Walk away with entries to the Hero Adventure Night Series, the Rock Race, the Paarl MTB Challenge, The Flatrock Festival  as well as goodies from Uwe Koetter, Wilderer, CBC, Fairview, Spice Route and Rhebokskloof.

Leg 1 kicks off on 16 December 2020 at Spice Route. Details here.
Leg 2 kicks off on 1 February 2021 at Rhebokskloof. Details here.
Leg 3 kicks off on 25 March 2021 at Paarl Nature Reserve. Details here.
Leg 4 kicks off on 4 June 2021 at Knus/Specialized. Details here.

Challenge open to Runners and Cyclists!

How it Works:

Quickest weighted time takes the prize!


Step 1. Register for the Challenge ->

Step 2. Connect your Strava Account to (if you have not done so before).

Step 3. PREPARE :).

Step 4. Download the GPX file from

Step 5. Head out to venue and give it horns!



-> Valid Paarl Adventure Trails Day Pass or Membership.

-> Heart Rate Monitors are compulsory.

-> NO E-bikes.

-> You can complete the challenge/segment as many times as you wish.

-> Open to runners and cyclists.



We take into account your effort through our HR Factor, your height and weight through our BMI Factor (this number is usually unkind to stocky people, but is to your advantage here ;)) and apply these factors to your actual time.

In short, actual time (in seconds) X BMI Factor X HR Factor = Weighted Time.

Questions? Mail